We are a group of high school students that share strong interests in the designing and making of Remotely Operated Vehicles also known as ROVs. We designed and made our robots from scratch at Charles P Allen high school. Two years ago, we competed at our first provincial competition against eight teams and won the “Spirit and Determination” award. During our second year, we devoted a lot of time and thought into the design and functionalities of our ROV “Cygnus”. We won the provincial competition, then competed at our first international competition held by MATE at the NASA Neutral Buoyancy Lab in June 2016 and scored 17th out of 39 competing teams.

We experienced work to rule by our teachers in Nova Scotia, which limited our access to resources and forced us to work outside of the school. But fortunately, we created Halifax Robotics, which allows us to continue to improve and compete with our ROV as NOVA Underwater Technologies.